Sons & Their Mothers

Sons & Their Mothers

ABOUT SONS AND THEIR MOTHERS:  Sons and Their Mothers is a touching and heartwarming look at the bonds between sons and their mothers. From the mothers who baked killer cookies, to the mothers fighting their own personal battles, Sons and Their Mothers shares a diverse look at the relationship between men and their mothers. Each story resonates with every woman who is a mother or has raised a son. The unique bond and experiences shared is unlike any other relationship, it defines and shapes their lives.  

What people are saying:

I love this so much! I got a real sense of all of the characters. I thought it was written with a tremendous amount of grace. This is such great work. As a mother of a son, and because I know how intense and fierce that love is, it resonated with me whether the mothers were well adjusted and effective or encountering difficult challenges in their own lives. You really are amazing!

Katherine Lucas

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Author, and Executive Producer.

The book has a breadth of different and diverse experiences, and a range of mother-son experiences. From Joseph Mattimore (an adopted son’s story) to Jack Cummings, the stories weren’t all about perfect family situations and perfect mothers and sons. That was my hope, because the spectrum of relationships, let alone parent-child relationships is so broad. Your writing style is inquisitive, reportorial and let’s your subjects (sons and moms) shine in description and examples. It is so very rich to explore this subject, and your curiosity and gift for writing bring it alive story by story.

John Osborn

Writer, Entrepreneur, Business Owner.