From the Gazette readers

Do You remember Seedorf’s Farm. One of Gardenville’s oldest!

About 1901, Lewis Frederick Seedorf bought a farm on French Road, in Gardenville NY, He became a successful truck farmer. He served as a member of the Gardenville School Board. He lost money in stock Crash of 1929, and passed farm on to next generation. ( From WikiTree)

Here is what Curt Klemenz told us about Seedorf’s.

While in Sloan High School, 1959, 14-16 year old boy, I worked summers at Seedorf’s Farm. Good introduction to honest daily work life that set my career work ethic. All boys quickly learned to drive pick-up trucks, Farmall tractors, and lift loaded bushels. The tractors needed to be started with a hand crank, and towed trailers of flowers, and vegetables between green houses and fields. Good memories!