Holiday time in Gardenville

Today we talk about shopping local. For years everyone in Gardenville and West Seneca always shopped local! Christmas was a very special time with lights and Santa and all things merry.

The corner of Clinton and Union was  bustling with holiday shoppers. There was a dress shop, candy store and market. Gardenville was its own city. Every service you needed was within walking distance.

There was a liquor store, Climes Market, a typewriter repair shop, ( what we used before computers), cleaners, (still there and owned by the same family), the town Dr. a post office and more. 

There were several bars and restaurants among them the Heritage Inn, famous for holiday parties and gatherings.

Before we had malls and plazas, we had small hamlets, town-like areas that had wonderful shops where people walked and knew each proprietor. Imagine East Aurora feel in several areas of West Seneca!

Here’s an ad from a long ago Christmas, heralding the joys of shopping local.