Plant some herbs for that Drink!

This year plant some herbs in your garden. They are easy to grow, can add texture and color, can be grown in pots or in the ground, and are great to add to those summer dishes.

Another great use for herbs is in your drink!

Growing herbs for use in drinks is a popular trend in this season’s gardens.
Using herbs has become very common for mixologists, and people are falling in love with a twist of this and a sprig of that in their nightly cocktail.

Herbs can be used as a garnish, as a cool stirrer that adds a unique flavor to a summer drink, as a syrup or they can be muddled. Here are just a few ideas for your summer herb garden.

Mint: This perennial likes a cool, shaded spot. It is great to grow in a container, because in the ground it can become very invasive. Mint comes in lots of different flavors like chocolate, apple and lemon. Who doesn’t like a mint julep, a mojito, or a sprig of mint in some fresh ice tea?

Basil: This annual comes in a variety of sizes, from the miniature window box basil leaves, to the very large Italian basil leaves. Keep basil in a sunny spot and evenly watered. This wonderfully fragrant herb is popular in martinis, mimosas or in a perfect summer punch.

Dill: This annual plant can self seed so you may only have to plant it once. It grows tall, so you will need to choose a container appropriately. Dill is excellent with any vodka or gin based drink.

Cilantro: This annual likes the sun and is great in a tomato-based drink such as a Bloody Mary or Margarita.

Lavender: This annual likes the sun and will add great texture and fragrance to your garden. There are many different varieties all with different sizes. Lavender can be a great addition to Lemoncello or to any sparkling wine, such as my favorite, Prosecco.

Rosemary: This pungent annual loves the sun and is great as a stirrer or in a drink such as a gin and tonic.

So this year plant an herb garden in colorful containers that can be moved to wherever the party goes. In addition to the visual beauty you create, you will also be able to create some new, exciting and delicious summer libations. Whether the drink is alcoholic or not, herbs can add a new layer of refreshment. What about fresh fruit and herb infused water?